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Easiest if I Had a Gun

"At his best, Martin proves himself to be a master of a tightly contained form." ~ Weave Magazine

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"In the Catechism I had to memorize, they go on and on about The Mystery of the Trinity, that God can be Father, Son, and Spirit and one being at the same time. I used to go up in the orchard and lay on a flat rock and think of things like that, God, the opening of blossoms, the decay of fallen fruit. I dreamed that heaven was a library, rows and rows of answers to childish questions and all the time in the world to ask them. This is the only mystery that I know: sometimes a good and beautiful person will act like a mad dog, and sometimes a mad dog will act like a good and beautiful person." - "Strange Ways", from Easiest if I Had a Gun

The Pittsburgh Anthology

"These voices are varied and quirky, some polished and professional sounding, some a little rough around the edges. But they are uniformly interesting and genuine." ~Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Online Publications

Alone, Together in Space with Michael Gerhard Martin,” (craft essay), Bayou Magazine blog, February 3, 2015

Made Just For Ewe!” (short fiction), the museum of americana: a literary review Issue #7, January 29, 2015

Men Writing Women” (craft essay), Pank Magazine blog, January 14, 2015

The Media’s Obsession With Robin Williams’ Death Made My Own Depression Worse,” (essay),, August 22, 2014